Controlled Substance Sale within a “School Zone”

Did a sale of a controlled substance occur within a school zone?

Minn. Stat. Section 152.01, subd. 14a defines “school zone” as “(1) any property owned, leased, or controlled by a school district or an organization operating a nonpublic school,” and “(2) the area surrounding school property as described in clause (1) to a distance of 300 feet or one city block, whichever distance is greater, beyond the school property…”  When the area surrounding a school property is organized in a city-block system, “one city block” creates a zone that includes the entirety of “first-ring” city blocks. Therefore, a school zone would include each of the city blocks that is adjacent or diagonal to the city block containing the school property. See Edward John Lapenotiere, Jr. v. State, No. A17-0456, 916 N.W.2d 351 (Minn. 8/1/2018).

Speeding in the Twin Cities Metro?

Minnesota State Patrol Troopers are not shy about giving tickets for speeding.  35W seems to be a common place for people to go 80, 90 or 100 mph, which converts this simply petty misdemeanor ticket to a misdemeanor charge.  If you are given a ticket for speeding, don’t just pay the ticket.  Call me for representation.  Think I will charge too much?  You won’t know until you call.  Not to mention, if your auto insurance increases based on the ticket as written, then it may pay to invest in a lawyer.  I may be able to keep the ticket off your driver’s license record or at least convince the prosecutor to amend the charge to a petty misdemeanor (if charged as a misdemeanor) and/or reduce the speed.