The thing that matters the most in prosecution on the other side of the table is having confidence. And that’s what you get with Sarah Kimball. I was recently charged with a citation for a Failure to Move violation for a trip I took out to the southern side of the cities, and was totally flabbergasted by my belief of what to do. I immediately thought to pay the citation, then I remembered there are people out there who know better about how to handle matters and help you remember you are human like all other people. I naturally thought to contact a lawyer after accidentally sending myself to the prosecutor by going to the wrong courthouse to settle the issue initially. The first one I contacted, passed the name of another who was personal in the field of traffic violations; that would be Sarah. Nearly a month after making acquaintances, me and Sarah were able to come to a positive outcome for the case, and I could not have been happier than to have had the results she was able to achieve for us. I fairly believe on your own in matters of court, you are lesser than likely to lose the benefits of an attorney; let alone a great, and talented one. Sarah is the definition of that. She was able to communicate with me decently, fairly, with a reason of consideration and professionalism that I would like to say is the standard for having quality representation. There is no more to say than to look for her when you’re looking for the voice that knows better and shows better when the decision is on the table.